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Hearing Loss Treatment

 Once a patient seeks Audiological treatment through us, if a hearing aid is recommended, the fitting is only the beginning. 

 What sets us apart from large "big box" hearing clinic chains is our medical based environment and our long-term care. 

 We build relationships with our patients, getting to know them on a personal level.  We ensure their amplification continues to meet their specific needs through consistent follow-up, maintenance and communication.  We keep them educated about the most current treatment options and ensure they always receive state of the art hearing services in a relaxed environment close to home. 

All of our hearing aids, from premium to entry-level are high quality digital products. Not every size or brand of hearing aid is right for everyone, so we don’t limit our patients to one manufacturer. Our team has experience working with several major hearing aid manufacturers including Unitron, ReSound, Starkey and Rexton. No one should give you a recommendation without first evaluating your hearing loss and lifestyle needs. We can help guide you and find the product, including the style and technology level, that will work best for your degree of hearing loss and communication needs.

Hearing Aid Consult


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Audiological & hearing aid services are offered in both our Lebanon & Gallatin offices.