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Patient Testimonials

" I can't begin to tell you how hearing aids have improved my life, I didn't want to be around people because I simply couldn't hear. My Kids were always asking why wont I get hearing aids. They got tired of having to repeat themselves. If I would have known that they would work for me I would have purchased them a long time ago. The ladies at Regional ENT I have worked with have been wonderful! They were concerned about my hearing!"
-Ms. Bettie Heath of Gallatin, TN


" Dr Tate did tube, tonsils, & adenoid on my son and it has improved his quality of life greatly! Dr Tate is Super! All of the staff is friendly!"

- Ms. Jamie Maro of Lebanon, TN 

"Run, Dont walk to Regional ENT and ask for Honey, she is great! Honey is helpful and caring everytime I call or stop by. I cant praise her enough!  I can hear....... My wife is even happy again- Television is on low and I have stopped saying "What" all the time! "

-Mr. S. H. Russell of Lafayette, TN 

" I would highy recommend Regional ENT. My visit was very prompt. Dr. Cuzzourt is my hero!"

-Mr. James Christie of Gallatin, TN 

"I was very pleased with the professionalism and friendliness of the treatment, I dont have to ask people to keep repeating themselves since I have been fit with my Hearing Aids, I have been to another group who was very impersonal, this is definitely the place to go."

- Ms. Geraldine Thacker or Gallatin, TN 

"The Staff are thorough and concerned about my hearing." 

-Mr. Charles Thacker of Gallatin, TN 


"The Staff cared so much about my medical condition they listened to my concerns, I was pleased with the attention the doctor took to relieve my pain in my Ear."

-Ms.  Donna Pastors Gallatin, TN 



"All of the doctors and staff are very friendly! My son loves to go here! It means alot to be treated with respect but it means so much more when your child is treated with respect. What sets them apart from other ENT providers: The front office is more courteous and the Doctor was more imformative." 

- Ms. Laura Kendall of Lafayette, TN 


"Everyone was very nice to me! Go see Dr Tate! The differnece between this office and others is they tell you if they take your insurance or not before your appointment! 


-Robert Luttrell of Lebanon,TN 


"I am now able to understand conversation with family and friends. No more missing out on missing important information. No more being confused of what is being said." 


- Julia Starnes Lafevor of Lebanon, TN


" If you want your problems fixed, you need to go here. They want to get to the root of the problem, not just treat the symtoms. "The staff is always so nice and Dr Tate knows his stuff" 


- Mr. Bradley Miller Lebanon, TN 


The wait time was good and all of the staff and Dr Tate are wonderful to work with!"


- Mr. Jeffery Woodall Mt. Juliet, TN 



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