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Middle Tennessee’s Ear, Nose, & Throat Specialist

Regional ENT Associates specialize in disorders of the head and neck, especially those related to the ear, nose, and throat (hence the common abbreviation "ENT"). Our physicians subspecialize in more than a dozen areas including otology, neurotology (the study of the nerves within the ear), surgery of the head and neck, nasal and sinus disorders, voice and swallowing problems, hearing loss, and upper airway obstruction.

Specializing in the Ear, Nose & Throat, Facial Surgery, & Audiology  


Virtually all otorhinolaryngologists routinely handle cases such as adenoidectomies, tonsillectomies, nose bleeds, infected mastoids, sinus disease, snoring and sleep disorders, and breathing problems. Our doctors are not only some of the best ENT doctors in Middle Tennessee but they also specialize in areas such as facial surgery. Also, working closely with our Audiology department, we can take care of your hearing and Hearing Aid needs. 

Our goal is to help you live life to the fullest - indoors and outdoors. From alleviating sinus issues to silencing snoring, you'll experience the kind of care that can make a difference in how you feel as a patient and as a person.